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General Information Your Pole

What comes in the Box?

Our pole is delivered in a 4 color box with a carry handle. Inside this is a hi-density foam inner which holds and protects the parts. Contained in the inner are all the parts (base, upper support, poles, extensions, tools etc.) to construct the pole to cover heights from 2235mm (7' 4") to 2745mm (9'). Our pole also includes a full 8 page picture assembly manual and a 1 hour assembly and instruction DVD.

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How many pieces is my Pole?

Our pole consists of 2 main poles to which extensions are added to increase the overall height. The pole is designed to be used from 2235mm (7' 4"" / 88"") to 2745mm (9' / 108"")

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What height will I get in the box?

Unlike other poles our pole does not need to be cut to height so it can be moved to different height venues. The box will allow you to construct a pole from 2235mm (7' 4" 0r 88") to 2745mm (9' or 108"). To go higher extensions are added.

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My ceiling is over 9'

Our pole uses extensions to increase it's height. Extensions are available in 100, 125, 250, 500 and 1000mm sizes. The pole can be used up to 3650mm (12' / 144") in standard format above that it is advised to use additional support. Our pole has been used at 4250mm (14' / 168") with no problems but safety must always be a priority. Our technical support can help with poles above 3650mm (12' / 144").

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How long does installation take?

When first assembling the pole it will take about 10 minutes as the height will need to be measured, the extensions selected (if required) and the adjuster screwed into the main upper pole. Subsequent installations will take 3~5 minutes depending on the level of breakdown.

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How portable is it?

Our pole is supplied in a carry box with a hi-density foam inner. It can be carried in the box but the box will not stand day to day use. The foam interior can be transferred to an optional nylon carry case which makes the pole extremely portable.

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How much does it weigh?

Our pole with it's foam interior and carry case weighs approx 20Kg.

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How big is the box or carry case?

The box measures 1140 x 120 x 430mm (44.9"" x 4.7"" x 16.9"")

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Does it come with a carry case?

Our pole is delivered in a 4 color cardboard carry carton with a hi-density foam interior. This however is only really for transport home and not for general transport use. An 'optional' nylon carry case is available for this. The foam interior is transferred to the nylon case. Nylon is used because, unlike metal carry cases, it will not damage car paint, seats etc. when it is transported.

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Is it static or spinning?

Our pole is a Duo-Pole. This means it is static and spinning in one pole. 2 screws are released or tightened to change the pole from static to spinning or back again. This takes less than 15 secs. With the screws tightened the pole is locked solid. It is more difficult to learn on a static pole but better long term as it more diffciult to go from spining to static than the other way round.

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What ceilings surfaces can I use it on?

Our pole can be used against almost any level ceiling surface. It's silicone edging has hi-grip capabilities. Rough surfaces, such as artex, may present a problem depending on how rough they are. It is not a case of not being stable enough it as to whether the ceiling will be damaged if uneven pressure is placed on it. Our pole can not be used on false or suspended ceilings.

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What's on the DVD?

The 1 hour DVD is hosted by Katie Coates one of the Uk's most prolific dancers and a leading teacher of pole exercise and dance. During the DVD Katie shows the viewer and one of her students how to assemble the pole explaining about joists, measurements and other important points relating to the pole. Katie then goes through a warm up, shows her student, who also tries each move, 6 basic spins with breakdowns, some floor work to join it all together and then finishes off with a 3 minute show combining all the moves.

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Does my Pole come with Instructions?

Our pole has both a detailed 8 page photographic assembly manual and an assembly and instructional DVD.

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Will it damage my floor?

Our pole has a soft silicone pad around the base. This gives excellent adhesion to virtually any surface and also stops any damage. As with any pressure pole it is possible that marks may occur but these can be rubbed off.

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What else will I need?

Everything to assemble the actual pole is in the box. Additional items are a tape measure - to measure the ceiling height and the distance from the wall for future installations, a pair of step ladders (a chair can be used but It's not recommended) and possibly a stud finder to locate the joists. A pencil is also useful to discretely mark the pole position.

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How can I insert/remove the adjuster quickly?

The best was to do this is to hold the adjuster with the tube hanging downwards and spin the tube. Either brush your hand over the tube to spin it or get someone else to spin the tube. There is also an optional accessory that fits in a hand drill and allows the drill to spin the adjuster into the main pole.

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How do you release the poles tubes if they are stuck?

Our pole is supplied with release rods. With the base in 'static' mode insert the rod and turn counter clock-wise. If tubes joints still will not release place the tubes on a flat surface, insert the rods and with one rod against the surface give the other rod a sharp tap. It is not force that releases the tubes it is the shock. If the tube still will not release, place something solid under the release rod so it is parallel to the surface the poles are on and try again. This so that the shock goes into the solid object and is not absorbed by the rod itself.

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How tight does the adjuster have to be?

The pole adjuster needs to be tight but not over tight. Tighten the adjuster and check the pole for movement. Try a spin if there is no movement the pole should be fine. If there is any movement further tighten the adjuster. It helps to have someone stand on the base to compress the floor while tightening the adjuster.

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Adjuster cover is stiff

If the adjuster cover O-ring is too tight and will not slide, rub a tiny film of Vaseline on to the O-ring. DO NOT get the Vaseline on the pole. Only a very tiny amount is needed, just enough to dampen the O-ring. If too much is put on wipe off with a tissue. Cover should now slide easily.

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I can not find the adjuster!

The screw adjuster is under the adjuster cover. There are three small slots in the center of the foam box and one slot has longer thin cut outs at both ends. It is the bottom slot when the foam inner is viewed with the large circular upper dome thinner pieces at either end (one with a long screw section). That is the adjuster. Just take the whole unit out of the box, press on the release button at the top of the tube and slide the cover off. Remove the foam cover support and screw into the upper main pole

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I can not find the Nut!

The nut is under the adjuster cover. Please press in the two locating buttons at the top of the adjuster cover, slide off the cover and the nut is underneath. Remove the foam support ring before use.

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What are joists?

Joists are the pieces of wood or metal that support the floors in a building. The ceiling is also normally attached to them. Our pole uses pressure to stabilize it, so it needs to be positioned against two joists.

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How do I locate joists?

Joists can be located by either tapping across the ceiling with a knuckle or with an electronic stud finder. With a knuckle you tap across until a more solid sound is heard - this is a joist or beam. A hollow sound is the space between the joists. A stud finder will locate the joist electronically (see what is a stud finder).

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What is a stud finder?

A stud finder is an electronic device that locates solid objects such as joists, beams etc. It senses changes in density of the material it is measuring and either 'beeps' or lights an LED.

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Using Your Pole

What should I wear?

Pole exercise's and dance move's require friction between skin and the pole therefore the more exposed skin the better. Shorts and a crop top are ideal, bikini for the more daring. However, it is important to feel comfortable so wear what you feel comfortable wearing even if you may not be able to do some of the moves due to lack of friction.

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What shoes are best?

The more friction on the pole the better so bare feet, dance shoes or boots are best. However, Running shoes and or any other comfortable shoes are fine. If using running shoes try to use ones with a low friction sole as pole dancing requires you to rotate on the ball of your feet and that can be difficult in running shoes.

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Does the pole need cleaning?

Yes any pole needs cleaning as skin contact, sweat etc. will make the pole slippery. A slippery pole is dangerous as the user could slip off the pole causing serious injury. Clean the pole regularly with a glass cleaner or alcohol wipes and dry off with a soft towel.

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Lotions and oils

NEVER use body lotions or oils prior to using a pole. This is extremely dangerous as the user could slip off the pole causing serious injury.

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Sales, Deliveries and Payments

How do I order one?

Our pole can be ordered either on our online store or by calling 1-888.976.5387 .
Just measure you room height, use the online conversion table to select what you need and place your order. If you have any problems or questions please call Vertical Leisure is here to help.

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Delivery Times

Orders are shipped via FedEx Ground 2-5 days with signature required, in continental US only.
Hawaii and Alaska orders are shipped via USPS parcel post 6-14 days with signature confirmation. Please call for quote.

CANADA orders are shipped USPS priority international mail 6-10 days (no tracking included). Please call for quote.

On-line orders are processed and shipped 48hrs after order is received.

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About Vertical Leisure Ltd

Does Vertical Leisure have insurance?

Yes, Vertical Leisure has product liability insurance. It covers any manufacturing fault with the product. However, it does not cover misuse, incorrect instalation, modification or any other personal or third party injury or damage caused by any of these. It also does not cover personal injury caused by the actual use of a pole which is entirely at the owner and/or users discretion.

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As with any removable, portable pole that uses pressure between the floor and ceiling to keep it stable, possible damage could occur to the ceiling. The pole is no different from any other pressure supported pole in this regard. The fact that damage could occur must be fully understood and accepted before use. Kendra Wilkinson, Vertical Leisure Ltd, X-Pole US LLC, their distributors, sales persons or any other persons or associated companies can not be held responsible for any damage to property or injury to persons or third parties during the use of this product.

If you do not accept that damage can occur:

- DO NOT Remove the pole from its packaging

- DO NOT Assemble the pole

IMPORTANT: The pole CANNOT be used with false,
suspended or non-rigid ceilings.

Most ceilings plasterboard or plaster ceilings, will flex/compress with pressure. This means that the retaining nails/pins/screws can be pushed out of the plasterboard when pressure is applied by the pole adjuster. If this happens, just re-nail or re-tighten the fixing screws, fill and re-paint. From then on the problem should not re-occur. If it does re-occur, re-enforcement may be needed in the area where the upper plate is positioned. Information on this can be obtained via the website or by contacting the technical support team.

As damage can occur from the pressure used to keep the pole in place, it has been designed with a wide 230mm (9"), upper support plate to spread the load and aid stability. However, the better aligned the upper support is with the centre of a joist and the more care taken in assembly and set up, the less potential there is for damage.

If you do not accept that damage can occur - DO NOT assemble the pole.

Please return the product in its fully packaged state, for a refund.

The designers make no apologies for explaining the above so our customers
are absolutely clear with regard to the potential problems that could occur.


Remove any of the parts from the carry case
until you have fully read and understood this disclaimer.












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